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Cause' everyone's perfect in unusual ways
You see, I just wanna believe in me
R.I.P George Harrison // 25th February 1943 → 29th November 2001

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I think people who truly can live a life in music are telling the world, ‘You can have my love, you can have my smiles. Forget the bad parts, you don’t need them. Just take the music, the goodness, because it’s the very best, and it’s the part I give most willingly” 

On this day twelve years ago, George Harrison passed away. My favourite Beatle, George was an amazingly gifted and talented musician. He was an incredible singer, songwriter, and guitarist, as well as an incredible person. Kind, funny, and caring, George was a gentle soul whose music touched the lives of millions. His love of music and love of the world is something that he will be remembered for, for many years to come. George, I miss you so much. Your music changed my life. If you taught us anything, it was to love one another.  Rest In Peace, wherever you are.

25/02/1943 - 29/11/2001 -  

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February 24th, 1943 - November 29th, 2001 

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